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When planning Sophie’s first birthday cake smash, her Mum Sam gave me the key words: girly, pink and purple!

No problem!! Sophie had her 1st birthday party the day before, so when she arrived at my house, she was already in the party mood. As soon as she stepped up onto the wee stage I had made for her – Sophie just beamed! She was so smiley!! I knew we would have a great time.  With her parents encouragement she, like most babies, tentatively poked a chubby wee finger into the icing and had a taste – from there it wasn’t long until Sophie got stuck right in there – even at one stage attempting to stand on the cake! Awesome!

I have to give credit to Sam for choosing some gorgeous outfits for Sophie, and considering Sam didn’t know exactly what I had arranged – we couldn’t have planned it better with the cake and backdrop – perfect! Originally I planned Sophie’s session for outdoors, in the Summer warmth and under a shady poplar. Unfortunately rain was on the horizon – so I managed to turn the kitchen into a mini studio…

Girly, Pink and Purple…Nailed it! Excellent Smashing Sophie!




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Is your daughter a little princess?

Does she LOVE to dress up to the point where she has multiple wardrobe changes per day?

Does she ask to have a smidge of your most expensive lip gloss or perfume? 

When she is all ready does she then prance around, waving her hands like a dainty princess…on tippy toes…giving royal commands!?

This is my daughter Lucia aka Princess Lulu/ballerina/fairy/Katy Perry!!

Don’t get me wrong, she also likes to get out and climb trees, often scrapes her knees and her pretty dresses get a lot of mending and stain removal treatments!!! (…did someone say “how do you solve a problem like Maria?” – you don’t!! She is awesome just the way she is!)

I love Lucia’s imagination and drama- it blends in beautifully with my photography. Lucia asked me to do a photo session with her, so together we planned what she would wear (purple of course!!), and how to style her hair. While I was struggling to find the right frilly hair accessory to go with her dress, Lucia saved the day- she came prancing in from outside with the most unbelievably perfect flowers. The colour match was like the dress and flowers had been made in the same factory – unreal… Good find Lulu!

How did a session with my own daughter go?

With flowers in place, out we went and to keep her keen, I let her choose our path.  She loved being in charge.  As we found the best photo spots along the way – I gave her some minor directions on where to sit or look, but she pretty much just gave it her all with her princess power and ballerina/fairy dancing.  Her dress twirled beautifully and played the evening light in ways I only dream about. After all the flouncing and twirling – she still was tomboy enough to climb hills and throw muddy rocks haha

Book your daughters in for their chance to prance – Boutique Farm Sessions – Princess Friendly 🙂

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A Goal is worth having…

Towards the end of 2013 I decided to set myself some goals for this year. A big one was to start entering portrait photography competitions. Mostly I wanted to put myself out there and bring in new challenges.

Normally when I hear about competitions I get all libran about it and can’t choose what to enter. I heard about the 2013 Kodak Gold Awards for professional wedding and portrait photographers – one week before the final entry date!  This time one of my images sprung straight to my mind, I had to really hustle to get them in on time!! So I held my breath and went for gold …and I got exactly that!

I got some serious air and released some high frequency squealing when I saw my image had earned Gold 🙂 Best feeling.


My Portrait of the charismatic Micah, who was happy to get off his tyre swing for a minute to get some photos in his Mum’s fantastic old chair.

Yeah – his eyes say he is over it, but his smile is whispering “I’m secretly loving this!”

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It’s been a while since I last posted a blog – Summer has been fabulous!

It was an absolute must to blog about my Boutique Farm Session with Christie, Ralph and their two adorable boys; Brody (2 years) and Troy (6 months).  Another family to venture over from Taupo for their Boutique Farm Session (Thanks guys!) Christie and I have been planning this for a long time, since I opened for business last April. We rescheduled several times until we found the perfect fit for us all, and the session turned out brilliantly. Good things in good time!

It was super nice to finally meet her and her boys 🙂

Apart from some strong winds, the weather was gorgeous! We got stuck into it, especially Brody, who like all my littlies who are let loose on the farm; he ran and explored having a marvelous time (keeping us fit haha) Christie and Ralph are great parents, and it was awesome to capture some special family moments for them – but one of my favourites from the day is one of just the two of them laughing together 🙂 It shows a true friendship between them and their smiles are infectious.  Little trooper Troy let us know it was time for a break-  I captured his gorgeous little face, all crumpled up while he sat in our suitcase…he brought back the smiles after a snack hehe

I have shared a few photos on my Facebook page, but there are too many images I am in love with – so I decided to post a few extra’s here as well 🙂

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