How to prepare kids for their portrait session!

Getting the best out of your Kids, to get the best photos…

So you want to get some amazing, beautiful, moving photographs taken of your little angels. Lets face it – having professional portraits taken isn’t something you get to do every day. You totally want to book in – but are afraid yours will be the kids that don’t behave! You are sure they won’t sit still and smile, or listen to the photographer…they will either be super shy, or running around doing everything BUT have their photo taken!  And the last thing you want is for the whole thing to be a big waste of time, effort and money.

Fear not! I can help 🙂

  • If your children are old enough to understand – let them know a few days before about the up coming photo session, and that it’s gonna be great fun!
  • If it’s just them being photographed – let them know that too.  Reassure your child that you will be right there with them, the whole time.
  • Arrange to have your session after their nap times, and feed them before hand too – unless you are having a cake smash!
  • My oldest daughter is a total fashion princess – and will only wear what she picks out herself. If your kids are of a similar mind – you pick out what you want them to wear – but compromise with them, and let them bring an outfit of their choice as well. OR you pull out some options for them, and let them choose from those, that way they still have a sense of being in control.  They can put on their outfit AFTER the photos with the outfit you prefer.
  • Let your child bring along their favourite toy or blankie – they have them for such a short time in their lives, it’s nice to include them in a photo,  plus it will bring them a sense of security in this new situation 🙂
  • Pack a goodie bag – snacks, drink bottle and a treat or too – balloons are a great reward!
  • Keep Calm! It’s totally ok  if your child doesn’t want to smile – leave that part all up to me the photographer (that’s my job!) Besides – some of the most soulful and moving photos are ones without smiles. See here for some great examples.
  • You don’t have to worry about your kids being on their best behaviour – often it’s best for me the photographer and the kids – to let them run around. Turn off from being a parent the session – withhold the urge to correct or  put them in line just this once.  This will give us the best free spirited and natural images.


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