Gorgeous Twins Vintage Floral Cake Smash – Hamilton, NZ

Such a happy day, that I get to take more photos of, and play with Genevieve and Emmeline again…

These beautiful girls were just days away from flying home to Scotland, and what an honour it was for me to have some of their precious time. Wanting something unique and vintagey for them, I thought I would try my hand at vintage floral arranging for their back drop – LOVED IT…and I was very happy with my creations.  This deluxe three tier pink fade cake, came from the marvellous Kiwi Cookie Company – another Te Pahu local. We set cake smashes up in my little country kitchen. I use a custom made wooden, white wash stage, which works beautifully for whatever themed back drop we aim for.  The girls Mum Lily had shopped online for some pretty little lacy romper sets for them to wear for their cake smash.  Sadly these didn’t arrive in time, but being prepared, Lily had back up outfits!


Welcoming the utterly adorable Emmeline and Genevieve to their Cake Smash

 You mean this cake is all for us??

One year old babies are unpredictable when faced with a tasty looking cake.  Often they are quite tentative about touching the icing at first…it’s a bit overwhelming…or too good to be true!! Emmeline and Genevieve were no exception, and you can see the mixed emotions on their darling faces…and then settle on pure joy! Yay! It’s always such a pleasure to watch hehe.Twin-girls-Cake-smash-Waikato


Mmmmm! Finger licking heaven!!

Lady-like nibbles and spoonfuls of sweetness…

The girls gave their cake a full exploration…or excavation with their chubby wee fingers and spoons…ahh the fun of digging through cake! In the midst of some brilliant mess, I love how they manage to look so dainty!…but not for long 😉Twins vintage floral cake smash


Ahhh twins, a childhood filled with sharing…

Emmeline looks so incredibly gorgeous patting her sister on the back Aww! Love that smile!  Then one thing leads to another and we have a cake sharing battle on our hands – I just had to share that image to facebook, (see it on facebook here)  it was screaming out for a clever caption.  I added the winning caption to the bottom of this photo 🙂

Twins vintage floral cake smash

“I’m already sharing my birthday with you, and now you’re eating my cake!!”


Time for some black and whites!

Genevieve and Emmeline rock the black and white portraits…what is it about them that is so timeless?  During a quick cake break I photographed the girls enjoying their spoons, just perched perfectly on the edge of the stage.

Twins cake smash Hamilton

“Cake-shmake…what’s that down there?”


Back to work on that cake…

Up I got on top of a chair, I wanted a birds eye view of the chaos below. Cake squished into the wood, and mushed into many baby toes and rolls…Mum Lily helped me make lots of embarrassing baby noises to coax Genevieve and Emmeline to look up at the same time.  More cakey perfectness, before crawling off to look at something more interesting than a lens…time to wrap things up.


Bring out the warm soapy flannels!!

At the end of cake smash sessions, we have a (BIG) clean up, shake off, wipe down and dress our babies in clean clothes.  I like to include some non-cake portraits, boutique farm style, with the cake smash package. Emmeline and Genevieve were so wonderful, we had a few tears during our two hour session…nothing that wasn’t soothed with milk and snuggles. Such charismatic girls, different personalities for sure. The amazing amount of facial expressions they can deliver is sure to keep their family entertained for years to come 🙂 Hope they come back from Scotland soon as they are absolutely delightful 🙂


Clean again!

 To start planning your child’s cake smash hit the contact tab to talk to me today 🙂 Read more about Cake Smash Sessions on my Baby Love page

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