What to wear and bring to your Young Photography portrait session

What to Wear?…Here are some tips:

For children’s portraits;

  • Layers and different fabric textures (laces/ruffles/shabby style fabrics) can add some flair.  
  • Try accessorising with scarves, hats, vests, jackets, flowers in hair, colourful gumboots.
  • Unless it’s what you really want – avoid really matching outfits, try co-ordinating colours, instead.
  • If your children don’t want to get dressed up for their portrait, try making a compromise and bring two wardrobes – one that they want to wear and one that will make you happy.
  • Feel free to bring along any favourite dress up’s, even a special teddy or blankie that your child never lets go of (These can be a treasured memory in years to come!)
  • If your child plays an instrument, bring it along!

I have a range of gorgeous hairbands and clips to add that little something extra for the wee ladies if desired.


For your family images;

  • Casual to dressy clothing, in block colours are most suitable. Prints, patterns and logo’s can be distracting in portraits.
  • For women, three quarter length or long sleeves are very flattering for the arms. Apply your make-up as you usually would for daytime (if you do) eg Be yourself 🙂
  • If your family is laid back and relaxed, then chances are that you all may be most comfortable in jeans. You can always dress this look up a little by adding slightly more formal shirts.
  • Is your family a little more formal? Don’t be shy about dressing up e.g. wearing your favourite dress. – We can always arrange a wardrobe change or two.
  • It’s easier to find “centre stage” outfits for women and girls, so try pulling similar colours from those outfits for the men and boys.
  • If in doubt it’s a great idea to wear something that you feel awesome in! You will feel much more relaxed and confident during your portrait session.

 View some great ideas on my Pinterest board!

 What to Bring?

Some suggestions are:

  • Bring some sensible shoes for walking- if you want to use different shoes for the photos e.g. sparkly sandals, ballet flats, high heels – bring them along, they can be put on when we are ready to start photographing.
  • Sunblock – or put this on before leaving home, try to avoid it getting in hair as it can clump the hair together 
  • Water bottles
  • Antihistamines, if any of you or your family have allergies- especially for bee stings etc, and insect repellent if wanted
  • Inhalers, if needed. 

I keep a basic first aid kit on hand and just as importantly: wet wipes and tissues!




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