Some photographers have a studio…I have a farm.


Hi, I’m Heidi Young.

I am an award winning children’s portrait photographer, based in Waikato, New Zealand. Photographing children – I love it. Often when I’m around children, something clicks in my head and drowns everything else out. I have to take photos of them and their cheeky grins, grubby cheeks and especially those sparkling young eyes. If I could have my wish, each parent would have that perfect photo of their child – the one they come back to time and again, the one that makes their heart warm instantly, or gets them to burst out laughing.  I have a relaxed and natural, unique style. I like letting kids, be kids – splashing in the mud, stick swords, and letting families laugh and play together – that’s what life is all about right?

A few facts about me

  • My Husband and our three kids live on the family farm; ‘Gloryana’.
  • For a portrait session I dress in black tops, cargo pants and gumboots – because I literally sit, lie or kneel in the dirt each time (devotion to getting  the best shots!).
  • I believe in laughing as much as possible…and hysterically, whenever deemed appropriate.

It’s my goal to give you a stress free portrait experience. Come on out, let your kids loose and just enjoy it.  You will find that your children will really get into it and have a blast!  Visit my Contact page so we can start planning your Boutique Country Portrait session – I look forward to discussing ideas with you and creating your new Family Art.

 Bright and funky gumboots are welcome!

Read more about what happens during a Boutique Country Portrait session or hit the contact tab up top to talk to me today 🙂


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